Så hemskt allt har blivit

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Everything is terrible today

“How terrible everything has become” is a standing expression nowadays. But, I don’t how terrible everything has become. What I see is that, nowadays, we get everything imprinted in the ears & eyes via the 24-hour media channels and social media.

At the time when those who say “how terrible everything has become” grew up (I am in, kind, the same age category as them) we received news in the form of a morning newspaper, possibly the evening press, as well as one or two tv-news programs in the evening. In the above channels there where some editor who decided what was important for the day to make room for it in his newspaper/television program.

The fact that Jarmo pummeled Nisse on the station floor in Rotebro was something you only knew about if you happened to pass when it happened. If it was very a bad fight and Nisse or Jarmo needed to visit the hospital afterwards, it may, at its height, have become a note at the bottom in the “local” newspaper (or the like).

Today you cannot open Twitter (this is where the aforementioned people thrive which makes it a pure darkness on Twitter sometimes), Instagram, Facebook, etc. without being met by X number of posts about Jarmo pummeling Nisse in Rotebro and that Stojan smashed Jimpa in Gävle and not to mention that Tommy sent Johnny to the floor in Värmdö with a single blow.

Of course, the events above are invented and I sincerely hope they have not happened in reality. The point is that when everyone says that crime has gotten worse / increased. In my not so humble opinion: a lot of it is that we see and hear a lot more of what is happening today than we did in the past.

The newspapers are also available via the web, around the clock, and lack of space – which there was when we got them in the paper version – is a memory only. That is why we have simple, semi-stupid, statements about all kinds of crimes and punishments that were barely investigated before they went into print (saved on the web).

So, no, we are not much worse today than we were 10-20 years ago – we only find out more today than we did then.

Does that mean it’s good and nothing is happening? No, but it doesn’t happen that much more than before, in some cases they are more violent today as for some reason it seems easy to get hold of firearms, grenades and bombs in the underworld.

But, the gist of it all is that I’m not going to worry about being hit, shot, blown up, hit by a car, robbed, getting an airplane in my head, etc … because if that happens, it happens. And if it does I will not be able to do anything about it anyway – so why worry unnecessarily.

Try to live by the motto – Memento Mori – “You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” That is what I’m trying to do.

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