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Status: Being a bad boy gives you a lot of your lost weight back.

Yep. I’m back and I’m here because I need to be held accountable. Accountability for my weight increase.

I’ve obviously not been paying attention too much the last year(s) due to different circumstances but as I yesterday started a new DietBet (2 actually) I was forced to climb up on the friggin scale again and it wasn’t a fun sight.

As per usual I won’t divulge the number but lets just say that I’m not that far from bulking up to the same as my all-time high. Yeah, I’m slapping myself and exaggerating quite a bit but it’s bad. So… Here’s restarting the life – this time with #lchf which me and the wife gave up on a couple of years back because there was just no way we could eat eggs and bacon for breakfast all the time – which we have been doing for the past 5 years or so now…

We’re starting of with the 2 week kickstarter from DietDoctor but most likely will do restrictive #lchf for the coming 3 months apart from 2 “weekends” that we have planned as “cheats” which is my birthday weekend (in early february) and a dinner party at home early march to “end” the 88 days of “punishment” at easter.

Then we’ll keep going on restrictive or normal #lchf and as I’m travelling for work a week there it’ll be a bit harder but when I get home we’ll get back on the bandwagon again. To keep us motivated we’ll be doing #dietbets along the way as it easier to  keep on the straight and narrow if you are in to loose money from misbehaving.

So, you can expect statusposts here again – with the progress in lost weight (kilos/pounds) and lost sizes (centimeters/inches).

Where am I heading? What is the goal? Apart from wanting to get there a lot sooner I have one single goal: 85 kilos before I turn 50 so I can be ‘normal weight’ according to, the seriously f-ed up values, of BMI one time in my life. (well, at least since I was about 9-10)

Wish me luck

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