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Stear clear of these recruitment agencies

You have to know that these guys have seriously pissed me off when I write a blogpost after a year 🙂

Yeh, I’m going to list a few company-names and shame them. Why? Because during the last year or two they have been ignoring any attempt from me and my colleagues to dissuade them from contacting us.

We’ve asked nicely – “we are not interested, kindly seek your opportunities elsewhere”  resulted in nothing – they still kept sending emails about people they were trying to “sell” to us.

So I resorted to start to block their entire email-domain in our mail server – which also sent a message back (the error message) which states the following:

Your email has been rejected since your staff can’t take a hint and keeps sending the same information over and over again even though they’ve been asked to not contact us again. Now you are permanently blocked. And any attempt to circumvent the same from OTHER domains will be dealt with in the same way.

What happened? They changed domains and sent from another, and then another one, and then another one until I went to their headquarter website, found all their sub-brands and domains and them to the same list of “block these bozos” in my mail server.

Ah! Finally some peace and quiet… riiiiiiggghhhht… it was, for about a year..

Until a person who goes by the name of Victor O (since I write this from Sweden I can’t name him because of our privacy laws) found that “hey.. he can’t bloody well be blocking LinkedIn message now can he?” Correct I didn’t and low and behold here comes another frigging profile I never asked for…

Reported him for spamming to LinkedIn – didn’t much help since I just received another one, although I specifically told him that I was not interested the last time, and this time I proceed to report him again and block him.

I’ll venture a guess that these bozos will most likely just switch name or account and continue hounding me about people I would, because of their total ignorance of what their presumtive customers (me) is interested in or not…

So.. here goes, here is my current shortlist of recruitment agencies you should avoid if you ever want to work for me in the future (not saying you would like to but rest assured that you won’t if you are listed with these guys) — they are one and the same company at the top so it’s basically the same..

  • (added 2017-11-07 after yet another spammy message on linkedin – and belongs to VMR Consultants as well – this time by K*** B***ger)

Victor O claims to be representing one of these domain on LinkedIn and misuses the system.

2017-11-07 — Yet another idiot contacts me even though the company has promised to list me as blocked (K*** B***ger)
2018-06-19 — Yet another idiot contact me this time K***s Harr** — since the company has promised to put “do not contact” on my person I reported this as harassment by the above person on LinkedIN. Doubt anything will happen..
2020-04-22 — Yet another idiot contact me this time J****ck Mo** — and I’ll report it to LinkedIN as harassment yet again – doesn’t seem to work though.

I’ll continue updating this list as it evolves.. this since the idiots at above companies can’t take a hint, even if you write it openly on the internet that they shouldn’t contact me, and they agree to not do it..

Now, I hope it blows up in their face – although I doubt it… it doesn’t seem very likely that anyone in the above company has any sense of what to do.. these guys are worse than any telephone sales person I’ve ever encountered. Most of those can take a hint and will stop bothering you…

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