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2016 and onwards…

Long time, no see.

Work is keeping me busy. Right now this blog will turn into a weekly festivity of reporting weightloss once again. Why? Well.. too much work makes Mattias a fat boy – especially when you fall back on the “sweet” bandwagon. Weight has been steadily increasing for the past year I believe.

As of a week ago I’m paralleling a DietBet (or rather two) and a StickK bet that I won’t eat any candy for 12 weeks – as well as started doing my Kettlebell’s every 2 to 3 days (depending on how much pain I have from the previous one).

Plan is to go C25K as well during spring. Aiming for hitting “normal weight” by no later than christmas 2016 – with vacation being “cheaty”. So the plan is to drop every week until vacation – gain or remain still during vacation – and then continue losing again.

How? Well, suffice to say, Paleo with it’s fruit and “good” desserts and I don’t mingle to good.. so it’s back to what works for me and that is #4hb #slowcarb with one #cheatday a week.

Wish me luck! 😉

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