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Disillusion strikes me…

When people get disillusioned and get insecure and content about the future, they tend to brood about what might have been. — Dave Davies

This would be on a personal, global, level rather than a professional one. Refugees are flowing in from different parts of the world, mostly Syria, to Europe in boats and whatnot. In Sweden we are combatting anti-immigrant flows and it makes me sad and disillusioned as to what is in these peoples minds.

I frequently state: I’m a human, citizen of mother earth, Europe, and Sweden in that order. I can easily recognize that I’ve been privileged being born and raised in the peaceful bliss of Sweden and that many other humans have not. My mother and father wasn’t rich in a monetary sense but we always had a roof over our heads, food on the table and the love of our parents and to me that is the most important thing.

I’ve had not so nice things happen to me being bullied through most of my school years but that is nothing in comparison to being forced to pay all that you have to get on a boat that is almost sinking to get out of a place that more or less means certain death. The anti-immigrants in Sweden always say “Help them at home, instead of helping them here” – it’s not wrong in a sense but unless we can end the war in Syria with political means there isn’t much we can do about the problem there. The refugees will keep coming and in some cases, like the one I saw on the news yesterday, reported by BBC – she goes from Turkey to Sweden before applying for asylum since the EU works the way EU do – the first country you get registered in is where you get to apply for asylum – I doubt we’ll have to see any boats landing from Syria anytime soon – at least I hope that would be the case.

This morning I’m met by the images of a kid dead, face down, on a turkish beach – most likely from a sunken boat of refugees. At the same time in my Facebook-flow I see ‘friends’ talking about we having to stop accepting the refugees. I’ve already made decisions and that is to not keep my mouth shut anymore and tell the ‘friends’ what I think about it (this post being part of it) and if, god forbid, the historically very undemocratic Sweden Democrats ever comes to power – I will be seeking political asylum in another country. If I look at the world it would seem that I’d probably need to apply for political asylum in Kanada or Australia to get away from the worst parts of the xenophobes.

Don’t get me wrong. This, with anti-immigrant (some call them racist) parties, aren’t an only a Swedish problem as they seem to be spawning all over EU – or have been prevalent for quite some in some cases. In some sense EU has become a fortress – Fort Europa. If you are inside EU you can go and work, live, breathe where ever you want but if you aren’t from the EU (or a well established western country) then you aren’t welcome – in some peoples minds.

My own take on refugees and immigrants – since there might be differences – where one is fleeing for their life and the other just wants to make new start in life in a, according to them, better place – is that they are all humans and if we can get them to get established and settled they’ll become an integral part of our communities, we just have to open our minds and let them in – and not shut them out as 2nd class citizens which is what many feel we are doing. You only fear what you don’t know, and it’s not that hard to get to know them if you put your mind to it.

Enough ranting for today – I’ll leave you with this thought: Put yourself in their shoes, if they still have any, and you still feel you should shut them out and send them back home – then perhaps you should check yourself into a mental facility, you are unable to feel compassion for anyone.

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