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Ideas, ideas, ideas and a few more ideas

Yep, got them. Right now I have loads of them actually. Only issue is that they are not thought through and fully developed ideas.. I need time and right now I don’t have it, time that is.

Well.. if I gave up a few things then I would I guess.. need to prioritize a bit I’m guessing. At least get my ideas more thought through – one of them could easily be outsourced to be fixed by someone else at marginal costs I would think – the only thing there is that I need to make a Scope of Work that includes all the stuff needed and then go find the dev to make it happen.

The other, current, idea is a bit more complex and need more contemplation and checking with potential customers/partners before I head out into “production”. The same thing applies there, it’s nothing I’m going to produce myself but rather have someone fix it for me 🙂

Well, well.. we’ll see wont we?

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