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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

I’ve reached my goal. That being said ‘my primary goal’. I’m at or below 90 kilos / 198 pounds as of today. It took me roughly 18 months to get here using Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Body during the first 16 months and then turning to Paleo and doing a #whole30 during october.

Both me and my wife have had the reasoning that we shouldn’t limit ourselves when we are on vacation and that is why it’s taken a bit longer than perhaps I’d expected, but it was planned that way so I won’t ever count that as a failure.

Our #DietBet and #whole30 ended thursday night so we celebrated some yesterday evening with a bottle of Champagne (pictured).

Status: 89,3 kilos (196,5 lbs) and -93 cm (-36,3 in) heading to #86kilos (new goal)

Yes. I’ve set a new goal – even though I might actually bounce up over the weekend from “partying” – I know I’ll be below 90 again by next week and then we’re ‘running’ towards 86 and lower. That is my ‘normal’ weight according to the hated BMI-scale which is so messed up 🙂

Well.. here I am. Feeling a bit amazed that I actually made it, although I’ve been saying it’s more than possible it feels weird 🙂 Onwards I say…

Have a nice weekend, I know I’m going to 🙂

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