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“This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.” ~Scott Reed

Wohoo… only 0.8 kilos to go to reach my primary goal. We have 6 days left on hour #whole30 and 5 days on our #DietBet. With a few intermittent fastings and keeping to the program I feel that I might, should, hopefully, will be at or below 90 kilos (my primary goal) by next report.

Of course, being that we’ve been ‘stringent’ for a month at that time it might become a ‘cheat-meal-feast’ after that and I’ll gain again. Then so be it :-P.  We’ve decided to continue doing mostly clean paleo in regards to food and just enjoy some wine and the occasional ‘cheatmeals’ in the future.

Status: 90,8 kilos (199,8 lbs) and -91,5 cm (-35,7 in) heading to #90kilos

Short status update this week. Talk to you next saturday.

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