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Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy.

#whole30 is ongoing. Day 11 is soon to be finished and the worst seems to be over – still waiting for the “AHA”-moment. That might not arrive since we’ve been eating slowcarb for over a year. But we’ll see won’t we.

Since the DietBet and #whole30 is ongoing I don’t have much to report in regards to #cheating as we aren’t cheating on anything.

The “indulgence” yesterday was a few roasted nuts and a mocktail consisting of blueberrys and lime with a crapload of ice.

Status: 93 kilos (204.6 lb) -89 centimeter (-34,7 in) heading to #90kilos

So.. since last official weight here.. I’ve lost 300 grams – but I’m not to phased by that since – as I said earlier this week, when I weighed in for my DietBet I was at a whopping 97,7 kilos after four days of indulgences and partying. They melted off quickly though. 4,7 kilos in 10 days is a lot 🙂

Hoping to hit all time low, or even my goal #90kilos before the month is over. Thinking about adding back intermittent fasting every other day and see if that triggers some extended weightloss.

Talk to you next week.

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