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If you didn’t need a pill to get fat, why would you need one to get unfat?

I actually had a pill once to bring me down from my top weight to something manageable. It was around 2005. Now I’ve changed my lifestyle and feeding habits and it works amazingly well.

This week, as usual, one of our morning-tv-shows had a bash at different diets – although they have yet to discover either slowcarb or paleo – and on one level it pisses me off that they have to bash all the time and their ‘morning chef’ (former bad boy and boxer) says it’s all about eating right and exercising more. Bull****. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet and starving yourself while exercising will make your body eat your muscles. 

He who says that weightloss is only about energy in and energy out have never been fat. There.. now I’m done with being annoyed. Onwards.

This passed week has been interesting to say the least. I’ve had ups and downs. I lost weight, gained some back and then lost it and more again.

Both the #whole30 as well as the DietBe is progressing. In the DietBet I have one issue and that’s the fact that I feel a tendency to tell all the people who do calorie counting and extraneous exercise that there are simpler ways of losing weight, but it’s not my place to teach people. They can come to me if they want to know my way of success. 🙂

#Whole30 – closing in on the ‘tigerblood’. Feeling like an energizerbunny most of the day. Hoping some of my rosacea and stuff gets better over the remaining time. Trying with dropping ‘nightshades’ (peppers and tomatoes) for a week and see what happens.

Status: 91,8 kilos (202 lbs) and -91,5 cm (-35,7 in) heading to #90kilos

Lost 1,2 kilos over the week and 1,5 centimeters. I’m happy with that. It means that I have a chance, in theory, to reach my goal of #90kilos before the end of the month.

Again, no images due to no #cheatday 🙂 

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