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From time to time…

… I get fed up with reporting 🙂 Don’t know that anyone is actually reading them – but it’s a good thing, for myself, to be able to go back and look at what worked and what didn’t.

#whole30 and our DietBet has been running for a week now. One of the reasons for lack of reporting is that prior to DietBet (and the added ‘stress’ of doing a #whole30) we have a tendency to eat crap just because we can’t do it the coming 4 weeks (30 days for #whole30). This netted me a substantial weight-gain from crappy food. But that has dropped of like it’s melted away during the passed week.

Currently I’m 200 grams above my last report but aim to be at, or below, that number by saturday and the official weighing again. 

Yes, I know you’re not supposed to weigh yourself when you are doing a #whole30 but if that’s the only way I’m ‘cheating’ then it’s all well and good – besides, I can’t very well be take the initiative to ‘coach’ a DietBet and not weigh myself on a semi-regular basis, can I?

Suffice to say, #whole30 is an interesting experience. Detoxing like crazy right now. I have oily hair, pimpels breaking out in my face, I spend way to much time in the restroom and my wife got a serious flu going. All on the #whole30 ‘this might happen to you’-list. Since we are at day 8 now I’m hoping it turns around as it is supposed to. Still waiting for ‘tigerblood’ and immense energylevels – although, my energylevels have improved significantly during the last years changes in lifestyle.

Am I missing something while doing the #whole30? No, not really. I mean, me and my wife are #winelovers and wouldn’t say no to a glass of wine with dinner on a friday or saturday but it’s been surprisingly easy to ‘misdirect’ and make some ‘mocktails’ and roast some nuts to keep ourselves going over the normal ‘fredagsmys’ (swedish term for relaxing in the sofa on a friday with – if normal familyswedes – would have a tacodinner or the like and some chips).

So.. no status on this post but a general reflection. New status update on saturday.

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