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When you get to a plateau, think of it as a landing on the stairway to your goal.

Yeh. Annoying in a way. These passed two weeks since the DietBet ended I’ve been standing still in regards to weight. This week is, in fact, a bit weird since we had our cheatday wednesday. This means that this weeks weigh-in actually is “post-cheatday” which makes it a bit goofy.

We had a “dinner”-date with some friends we met in Italy during the vacation this summer. We went to Corvina Enoteca in Old Town Stockholm and had some food and wine. A very nice evening where we met some twitter-friends later on as well (for the first time mind you).

Other weird stuff this week – I met two classmates in a winebar yesterday. They walked in and I, sipping my wine, felt like I knew them somehow so I walked up and said hi. Haven’t seen them in 28 years.. we had some different views on highschool that much I can say. But fun nevertheless to meet them.

Status: 93,8 kilos (206,4 lb) and -89 cm (-34,7 in) heading to #90kilos.

So.. basically standing still, plateaued. But again, it’s post-cheatday and I normally weigh-in pre-cheatday so it could be a bit misleading. But I’m not sad – I lost a whopping 7 centimeters (2,75 in) in a week. That explains why my belt is starting to give way for the last whole 🙂

Talk to you next week (where weigh-in will also be post-cheatday – since we’re going to the swedish radio awards on thursday).

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