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Discipline is remembering what you want.

So.. early statusreport this week since I can’t weigh in tomorrow I’m having AFS – away from scale – experience from today until sunday afternoon. Thus, weigh-in a day early.

image I’m heading out to an island in the northern parts of Stockholms archipelago for a boardmeeting and conference. Sound boring I know – but when the views from the meetingroom is something like this, it gets a lot better.

I need to move away from tumblr soon – they keep cutting my posts short so I have to redo half.. since I can’t be arsed to do it fully again.. here goes:

Status: 94,1 kilos (207 lb) and -81,5 centimeter (-31,8 in)

Basically -1,4 kilos lost and 0 centimeters. Which goes to show that me getting to know my body seems correct. I don’t lose weight and centimeters at the same time. 

Good week, even better to come, even though this weekend will be weird since I have to let other cook for me – I’ve requested both gluten and lactose free foods but I’ll probably have to navigate around a shiteload of starches because of this. But I’ll manage!

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