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Books that you ‘need’ to read!

(please note that I do link to amazon via my “store” so if you, via my links, buy you give me a percentage – I would have done this post without links but that goes against normal intelligence – so, either search for them on Amazon or click my links, I know what I’d prefer! 🙂 )

What made me realize what was happening in my body when I ate certain things was actually Gary Taubes. He has two books, both which are interesting, one is a bit easier to get through as the other one is very long and very scientific. 

Easy read: Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It
Not so easy: Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, a…

This, following, book is the reason why me and my wife are going to do a Whole30 from October 1st 2013 (you are welcome to join us!) – It starts with food – since both me and my wife love cooking and cookbooks (you should see our kitchen, it’s full of cookbooks!). So, of course, we ordered a couple of those as well to help us out with the transition to paleo/primal foods. 

Now, coming from 4 Hour Body diet to Paleo it isn’t very far to go. Basically the only thing we need to is to drop the legumes, which we almost have done already, and adapt to eating a few fruits a week. That should be easy enough.

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