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“Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.” ~Oliver Goldsmith

So.. I’ve submitted my official weigh-in for my DietBet and… well.. it was a hell of a vacation 🙂

Added a whopping 7 kilos (15,4 lbs) during my vacation and about 15 cm (6 inches) around my different measuringareas. 

Of course, being that I’ve not followed the rules of the 4HB I’m fairly sure that I’ll drop like a “stone” the coming week and then slow down again but I’m not sad. I knew it would happen and I accepted that it would happen (to some extent) before we left for vacation. If I can keep my weightloss going 48-50 weeks a year I don’t mind sacrificing a few kilos once or twice a year to be able to live to the fullest, and drink some beautiful wines courtesy of Poderi Aldo Conterno (we tested 5 wines in 3(!) hours – and it was one of the highlight of our trip this year).

I’ll get back to reporting on saturdays, starting this saturday. But I’ll also add in the “end of dietbet” report when we reach the end of course 🙂 

How to do a succesful DietBet? For me:

* Eat only SlowCarb Food 6 days a week.
* Add in Intermittent Fasting from friday evening to saturday afternoon as well as saturday evening to sunday afternoon
* Don’t do a full #cheatday – but do a #cheatmeal on saturday (normally)
* Kettlebell-swings to minimum 75 reps three days a week

This has worked good on my other, previous two, DietBets and I think it will work out fine this time as well.

Status: 98,2 kilos (216 lbs) and -73,5 cm (-28,7 inches) heading for #90kilos.

Wish me luck on the DietBet (or better yet, Join in you too)

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