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Post-vacation notice

Hi guys and gals.

I’m a bit quiet until my DietBet starts the coming week. The official weigh-in for the DietBet will be my next status report. But, suffice to say, I think I’ve added more than a few pounds during the vacation – as I tend to do, and also accept with no regrets – a couple of weeks a year I feel I can indulge in whatever I want to (except the stuff that makes me ill of course). But now I’m back in the saddle and heading for new ‘all time lows’ even if I might have to restart at a higher weight than pre-vacation.

Hehe, who am I kidding – it WILL be higher than the pre-vacation weight for sure. 

The late summer and fall looks like this:

  • August 1 – 28th: DietBet <— $50 bet that you can lose 4% of your bodyweight in 4 weeks – click it an join in, win and share the loot!
  • September: Regular SlowCarb/4HB Diet and some #cheatdays 
  • October 2 – 29: DietBet (link will come later for this one) + Whole30 (until October 30th)

So, in october, we go from SlowCarb/4HB to Paleo and continue to change our lives in a positive mood 🙂

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