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You must act as if it is impossible to fail.

The funny thing about the above ‘ashanti’ quote is that it’s all true – Like I said last week, I had added quite a few pounds to the scale during my trip to USA. To add to my determination to get them back off again I hopped on an already started DietBet (since I wanted the bet to finish before my vacation starts).

That has helped as you might see on the statusline a bit further down.

What have I been doing then? Well.. trying to keep carbs to a minimum, which means that I basically don’t eat any except for the occasional cashewnut if I feel like I won’t make it until my next meal. Apart from that I’ve done intermittent fasting on saturday and sunday. For those of you who don’t know what this is it is basically that I from friday evening, after dinner, go until saturday afternoon on nothing but water & coffee (and on saturday it was bulletproof coffee as breakfast – which sound revolting but is actually quite good). Since saturday, normally, is my #cheatday, doing fasting during the day gave me a chance to lose weight even though it was cheatday.

imageSaturday evening was #cheaty 🙂 Dinner with my wife and my parents a very nice restaurant and then on to some winebars for some tastings. I ended the night with the 2009 version of the wine depicted next to this text. A nice ending of the night!

My hope was that I wouldn’t gain too much between saturday weigh-in and monday. Well.. I LOST half a kilo between saturday morning and monday morning so I’m over the moon! 🙂 I normally GAIN weight between saturday and monday – this proves it to me that my plan for doing intermittent fasting pre-cheatday indulgences will help me reach my goal of 90 kilos before this dietbet is over! (I only have 100 grams to go to finish the dietbet so I have my internal bet of reaching my primary goal during it instead – and that also means I’ll reach my primary goal, set a year ago before I head out to vacation in the italian winecountry. I know I’ll gain again during the vacation but we have another dietbet planned for after vacation so that’ll be fine).

So.. what happened?

Status: 93 kilos (204,6 lb) and -87 centimeters (-33,9 in)

In short: lost 3,4 kilos (granted, some of it from retaining water after being airborne from the US but still a nice number) also lost 1,5 centimeters, although not from where I wanted it 🙂

Goal for next monday is below 92 kilos, aiming for 91ish – hope I can get there!

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