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One should eat to live, not live to eat. – Cicero

This coming from a dude who loves food is a bit weird… trust me.. I’ve gone full out on the fries, burgers, pizza, candy, and every other junkfood you could imagine. And I loved it. I didn’t love myself but I loved the food 🙂

What I’ve noticed to a larger extent the passed weeks is that I have problem with becoming hungry. I’m actually playing around with the thought of reducing portions a bit more. The only issue I have is that I have to get the 30 grams of protein from my breakfast – and that’s hard without “bingeing” on eggs and they make feel full for most of the day. 

Not bad in itself but lately I’ve been eating lunch just because ‘I have to get it done before late afternoon’. I think I know what drives the hunger away also. Since I’m DietBetting I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting 2-3 days a week and it works fine – but I don’t get hungry on the days when I’m eating. So it might, actually, be detrimental to do it too often. (3 days the passed week). This week I’ll do it saturday & sunday only (saturday is #cheatday – but I’ve gotten used to do only a #cheatmeal so that’ll do it).

I’ve also changed weigh-in to saturdays (pre-cheatmeal) and that’s what’s going to be the report-day from now on. I went a little overboard on the ‘cheating’ on saturday. It consisted of a chocolatebar at 2.30pm, then a drink before dinner. Dinner was a sirloin with tzatziki and green beans with some bacon. Dessert.. ugh.. tasty almondcake with rhubarb and cardamom-icecream. The whole “binge” ended with a few beers and some chips. That is what I call overdoing it. 🙂

Suffice to say, I didn’t lose weight between saturday and monday this week 🙂 But I can feel the sodium leaving the body and the “addage” that gives will be shedded soon enough. Back to doing kettlebells every other day this week since I’ve been slacking off a bit. 

Status: 92,2 kilo (202,8 lb) and -87 cm (-33,9 in) heading to #90kilos.

So.. slowing down a bit.. I know why and fixing it this week 🙂 -0.8 kilos and no centimeters lost. Although I can feel the belt becoming looser.

So.. that’s about it.. see ya on saturday.

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