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You have failed only when you quit trying. Until then, you’re still in the act of progression. So, never quit trying and you’ll never be a failure

Pretty much as expected. One and a half week of not being able to follow the diet due to travelling has set me back a few kilos.

Although it makes me a bit sad I won’t quit – ever – so back in the saddle again and back on track. To push me a bit more I’ve signed up for an already started Dietbet (it started friday and I’m joining now) which means that I have less than 4 weeks to lose 4% of my bodyweight – which correlates to “stringent dieting the coming 3 1/2 weeks”

Last week was fun though, I got to learn a few new things in relation to my profession as well as visit a few very nice restaurants in NYC. Specifically I went to Gordon Ramsays Maze at The London (the image on the right is of the “dry-aged striploin” from Maze) and the Tap Room at Colicchio & Sons. Both very nice establishments with excellent food.

One thing I saw directly when I was there was the immense intake of carbohydrates. Breakfast is a joke – continental version – wheat, wheat, wheat, wheat, corn, sugar, crap and more crap. I basically went outside the hotel and bought a couple or gluten free proteinbars instead. Not the optimal supplement but I couldn’t find a good place to order breakfast which didn’t include toast or other junk. No wonder americans are obese if they it that crap for breakfast everyday. I know I’ve been there myself – but I’ll be damned if return to that way of living again.

Status: 96,4 kilos (212,1 lb) and -85,5 cm (33,3 in) heading to #90kilos

So.. up 2 kilos since last reported weight. For unreported weights it’s a lot worse (I don’t report pre-cheatday weights which basically is a lot less than weigh-in days).

As I said I’m not happy but then again I’m not that surprised either being that the last 1 and 1/2 weeks has been a bit weird to say the least. The new Dietbet will help me out. But.. today marks the last weigh-in to make my 4HB-diet first year. 22,3 kilos lost (although it’s not all-time low). Now I have to lose 3.8 kilos in 25 days to make my dietbet.. 

Wish me luck.

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