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Never, never, never, never give up.

I’ve, sort of, fallen off the wagon a bit and gained weight. Not just a little bit bummed but – all things considered I did lose weight during the last week – since the ‘excessive cheatday(s)’. So I’m on the right track but was moving a bit too slow due to a little much eating of dominofoods and other ‘junk’.

So.. I’m not going to sugarcoat it and say it was planned or anything like that – I just ended up in a rot and felt like I should be able to eat a few things that I shouldn’t have and ended up screwing up.

So, now it’s back on the wagon for about a week at least. Huh?

Well.. Let me put it in writing 🙂 

This week will be “DietBet”-mode until saturday afternoon. DietBet-mode means clean living and friday evening to saturday afternoon will be intermittent fasting. Saturday evening we have a dinnerparty with wine, tapas & cheeses. So my “weekly” weigh-in for next week will actually be on saturday morning this week.. 

This is due to me leaving Sweden and heading to New York for a few days to go conferencing. Although my aim is to be as ‘clean’ as I can when in NYC I guessing the airline-food and some excesses will be unavoidable – and you can’t, at least I can’t, go to New York and not experience a few of the most amazing restaurants and chefs in the world. So I’m betting that I will gain when I’m in USA – but I’ll try to keep it to a ‘minimum’ by choosing side orders and stuff that are ok for me but I’m not going to make the chefs go bananas over me ordering stuff away – I’ll just not eat stuff that I can’t eat instead.

The worst thing I know will happen is that the hotel breakfast (included in the conference package is whats called a continental breakfast) which consist of crap, crap and more crap. So I’m skipping that and heading out for breakfast – shouldn’t be to hard to find a place that can give me a few eggs and some strips of bacon and probably at a lot more reasonable prices than the hotel give you for the ‘added’ bacon & eggs.

When I get home – me and my wife have decided to do ‘DietBet’-mode until we hit vacation-time (late june) – meaning we’ll do everything by the book and add some, cheatdays will become cheatmeals, non-work saturdays and sundays will become intermittent fasting-days as well. 

The major downside to me f***ing up is that I won’t hit my goal in time for my one year mark of doing #4HB (at least it’s very doubtful due to the US trip). But I’m not giving up, no way in hell, still hoping to be at 90 kilos before vacation – on which I will gain, guesstimate, around 3-5 kilos which I then will DietBet off during august.


Status: 94,4 kilos (207,7 lb) and -86,5 cm (-33,7 IN)

That’s up 2 kilos from “all-time-low” at end of the DietBet in april.. Good thing about that is that I know exactly why it’s up so – it doesn’t take much to make me go from fat-loss to fat-gain and that I’ve learned the hard way 🙂 

I know that when I reach my goal I’m going to be adjusting my diet a bit and perhaps do a cheatmeal more per week (not a cheatday mind you).  Me and my wife are planning to head into Paleo by end of our dietbet in august to try that as a weightloss/maintenance mode – if it doesn’t work as intended we’ll go back to 4HB. Yes, we’re not talking fab diets here – we’re talking change of diet on a permanent basis (apart from #cheatmeals).

Wish me luck!

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