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Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.

The DietBet is working out fine for weightloss. It’s easier to keep going when you’re being taunted by losing money.

So the passed week, since tuesday mind you, have been ‘cleaner’ living with less intermittent ‘cheating’. We kept #slowcarbing the whole week with no alcohol, until we had a glass on friday night and then on saturday we had our #cheatmeal with wine and a drink or two afterwards.

Cheatmeal eh? Yeh. Consisted of grilled marinated beef, with whiskeybuttersauce and artichokepuree with some sauteed haricot vertes and mushroom. Dessert was homemade coffee-icecream with chocolate- and liquorice-sauce. The true cheating was bag of cheeze doodles that we shared later. 

Normally my cheatdays make me go from a good weight at start of cheatday to gaining over the weekend. This time not.. I actually lost another 100 grams (I know not much but still) between saturday morning and monday mornings weigh-in.

So status then?

Status: 95,2 kilos (209,4 lb) and -83,5 cm (-32,6 in)

The total score for tuesday -> monday was -1,5 kilos (3,3 lbs) and -1 centimeter.

So, yes I’m satisfied. Will continue our decided regiment apart from that we might be having a glass of wine or two on friday night as well. 

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