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This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything. — Scott Reed

This passed week was a bit up and down and annoying to say the least. By tuesday I had gained two kilos and felt not just a little bit bummed. But since both me and my wife had decided to do this week a bit more hardcore than usual we continued onwards.. 

imageBy saturday I had almost lost all the gained weight but since we didn’t have a true cheatday only a, more festive, slow carb meal with a bottle of wine after doing intermittent fasting for 16 hours we felt as if it would work out eventually. The festive slow-carb dinner was pulled pork with almondflour tortillas and some sides to that together with a nice bottle of Girard Old Vine Zinfandel (image).

My wife stepped on the scale sunday morning but I refused waiting for today so as not to be discouraged. Sunday, again, was intermittent fasting – which rendered a rough headache for my wife and quite a rumbling stomach on me. 

Monday morning came. Stepped on the scale and, low and behold, 0.6 kilos lost in a week. But in fact from tuesday to monday it’s 2.6 kilos so I can’t be more happy 🙂 I’ve also climbed over the goal of our DietBet but I won’t slow down until the 4 weeks are over and weigh-in has been done – which will be wednesday or perhaps thursday.. it’s a bit weird when they use pacific timezone or something for these bets and you are in Europe.

Status: 92,4 kilos (203,3 lb) and -86,5 cm (-33,7 in) heading to #90kilos

So.. -0.6 kilos and -2 centimeters feeling confident.

Note: we’re ‘celebrating’ the dietbet being over this coming weekend so I wouldn’t be surprised to see me gain a bit to next weeks report. It’s a planned thing so if it happens I won’t be sad about it. 

Closing in on the primary goal of 90 kilos. Then it’s redirect and set a new goal, which will be ‘normal weight’ – in my case 86 kilos or less.

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