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Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame.

Almost forgot to make a report since I’m reporting on multiple fronts. Basically last week I was in limbo. Nothing, and I mean Nothing, happend between monday and saturday. Since I’m DietBetting I’ve been standing on the scale on more or less a daily basis which can be severly detrimental to your psychological health when it goes nowhere or only up. 

Oh well.. come saturday I morning it all of a sudden moved down very much instead. So something happend during the night there, that is for sure. 

So.. saturday, we’d discussed being a bit laid back on the #cheatday and that failed miserably. Liquorice-feast, follwed by a home-made spelt-crusted pizza and wine. The spelt actually made me not get “gluten”-sick – so it’s a lot better than regular wheatflour for me at least and it tasted good. But only for #cheatdays. 

Me and the wife decided to go the last 10 days of the DietBet in ‘hard-mode’ so we kicked out the legumes, artificial sweetener in the coffee and  no diet-coke. This coming #cheatday won’t be cheaty at all, besides a bottle of wine for dinner – a dinner that will consist of pulled pork, veggies and some almond flour tortillas. Sunday will be intermittent fasting on top of that. Why? We want to get comfortably below the 4% lost during the DietBet-line and then, perhaps, come wednesday next week do a mid-week #cheatmeal instead – if we made the 4% – otherwise it’s punishment time 🙂 

Status then? Well.. here we go..

Status: 93 kilo (204,6 lb) and -84,5 cm (-33 in)

1,4 kilos down in a week. This dietbetting makes this look easy. Aiming for, at least, .2 kilos this week (need to be 92.8 kilos or below to win the dietbet – but that shouldn’t be a problem).

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