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Most people want to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.

This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster. Saturday was filled with temptations. A #cheatday meal consisting of ovenbaked salmon, with risotto and a feta-tomato-sallad followed by home-made icecream and then some good cheese and crackers.

Suffice to say, I didn’t lose as much as last week. So I’m a bit bummed, although I know why this happend. So we got off the wagon a bit over the weekend so we are going to give ourselves a punishment this coming saturday. The #cheatmeal will still be there – but no dessert and no ‘after hours’ indulgences on cheese, cheeze doodles or potatochips.

The plan for #cheatmeal dinner is a homemade pizza with nice toppings like cheese and salami/ham and such. Since I’m trying to stay glutenfree for the most – we’re trying to make the pizzacrust using almondflour instead of regular flour – could be interesting to see if we can make it work out (I think it will work fine).

We found this recipe for it and it’ll work – basically you could eat a fully slowcarb-compatible pizza – although the almond flours’ caloric density would probably not be quite acceptable and you’d have to skip cheese since it’s not allowed. That’s why it’s a #cheatday dinner! 🙂

So.. finally.. status? A bit of a bummer as I said.. hopefully we’ll get lower than this by next week. I still have 16 days to lose 1,7 kilos on the DietBet!

Status: 94,4 kilos (207,7 lb) and -84,5 cm (33 in).

0.8 kilos (1,7 lb) and another centimeter gone.

A total of 24,3 kilos lost on the slow carb diet and almost a meter in circumference (multiple points of course).

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