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A goal without a plan is just a wish

Here we are. Tuesday, lagging a day due to easter. We spent the weekend of indulgences. So, I was thinking I’d be sad when I got on the scale this morning and doing my weigh-in to start tomorrows DietBet (join us! the more the merrier!).

As I said last week, I was sure that I’d gain during this passed week since we had a dinner at my parents friday where I made mom a bit annoyed with not eating anything but the things I could eat on slowcarb. I know she made an effort making stuff lactose-free but that isn’t ok on slowcarb. I had to call her on saturday to apologize for not eating ‘properly’ – but she understood. Saturday we made slowcarb-dinner by making a texas chili and almondflour nachochips at home, followed by ‘not-slowcarb’-cheese.

Then on sunday we did fasting until 4pm when we left for a cruiseship to take us to Aland islands – between sweden and finland – for 24 hours. Thanks to our friend, who works on board, we had a four course dinner instead of a three course dinner. That was bad on my part. I got… how should I put it … overstuffed which rendered me with heartburn for about 12 hours. I’ve found that losing weight and inches also makes your stomache a bit less stretchable and I can’t gorge as much as I used to – don’t get me wrong – it’s not a bad thing.

Well.. nevertheless it was a nice weekend, apart from the heartburn, and I wasn’t glad to park my ass on the Withings scale this morning – which also had to be sent to DietBet. But low and behold…

Status: 96,7 kilos (212,7 lb) and -83 centimeters (-32,2 in)

That’s not much down, 100 grams, but I was counting on about a kilo or so up… but I lost a whopping 4 centimeters as well. But that’s a bit off, why? My ‘excel-sheet’ is a bit misconfigured. I’ve changed it now. Basically my .5 centimeters got upped to full centimeters and now when  I lost a .5 centimeter here and there they got all moved down a full centimeter instead. For future reference I’ll know report on .5 centimeter as well.. 

So.. my reported weight to DietBet was, and is, 96.7 kilos, which gives me a target weight in four weeks at 92.8 kilos. I’m scared – that’s a lot of weight. But the plan is set in motion… 

Monday – Friday: #slowcarb and no alcohol
Saturday: #slowcarb, apart from dinner and ‘dessert’ + wine
Sunday: fasting until dinner which is #slowcarb and no alcohol

Morning excercise routines of no less than 75 kettlebellswings every other day. (note to self: time to get going on myotatic crunches again)

With this plan 3.9 kilos should be doable – but wish me luck!

Next report on monday, usual reportingday, you can of course follow our progress, or better yet join us, on DietBet – you still have time to join in 🙂

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