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There is no failure. Only feedback.

The feedback for me in particular is the passed weekends cheating. We could call it ‘overdoing it’ a bit. I’m guessing that if I hadn’t eaten one or two things of what I ate this passed weekend then the scale would, at least, have been sitting idle instead of adding to it.

Yep. I added 0.8 kilos this passed week. As they say… ‘shit happens’ and shit in this case was homemade pizza, followed by homemade icecream, followed by chips & dip, and some cheese on sunday. So… all in all, to much bad stuff and the result was what I suspected. 

Although, there are good points in this weeks report anyways. I lost another 2 centimeters. So even though I added weight – that should be shedding of rather quickly because of the high sodium intake (stored water) – I still managed to lose on the other end of the ‘scale’.

So, the very bad report is still good in some points….

Status: 98,7 kg (217,1 LBS) and -76 cm (-29,6 IN) heading for #90kilos

So.. lost 20 kilograms so far (44 LBS) – this week, until saturday when we’re having a dinnerparty, will be kind of a ‘puritan’ living. 

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