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The future is always beginning now

image It’s been kind of an odd week. I can’t really say why it’s been an odd week rather than a feeling. I had a feeling of disbelief when I saw myself – photographed without me knowing it – and I realized I didn’t recognize myself in the picture. 

It was me, obviously, a bit blurry due to a bad photographer (thanks Anna) but nevertheless it was me. But I looked a lot thinner than I feel like I am.. but all in all, that has to be a good thing. (I’m the guy on the left btw). I’m being presented with Criscoms Medal of Merit in Silver by our chairman.

In other news: As far as I know I’ve been free of wheatgluten for the past week. This week I’ll be standing on the scales more often just to see if no gluten-inflammation makes you get back to losing weight quicker. I’m betting it does… But that report have to come next week 🙂

Status: 97,7 kilos (214,9 LBS), -79 cm (-30,6 in) heading to #90kg

That is down 0.6 kilos the passed week and another 2 centimeters lost. So even the kilos melt of rather slowly right now it would seem that my circumference does not. I’ve started a DietBet on that will start April 3rd and it will runt to April 30th – you are free to join us.. the bet is $25 and you have to lose 4% of your starting weight in 4 weeks. If you do – you keep the money if you don’t those of us that do gets your money to share amongst us. So it’s not like it supposed to be ONE winner – there are supposed to be as few failures as possible. So here’s hoping that noone will lose less than 4% 🙂

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