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Little by little does the trick.

This passed saturday we had one of our get-togethers at home. We get eight of our friends and give them food, wine and they bring their own wines to the cheeses we provide after dinner – then we talk, laugh and drink wine into the wee hours of the night. This time, a 9 hour long ‘dinner’ which was good in all aspects and fun too 🙂


The best thing, for me and my wife, with these food & wine-sessions with our friends is that its – for lack of a better word – gratifying in some sense to see that when we post a new date for the next dinnerparty, and since we can’t have more than 10 seated, the slots gets filled up over night. We posted the next event (mid-may) last night and this morning we had a full set of people booked and people who where to ‘slow’ was not happy to be placed on the ‘waiting-list’. So we are guessing we do something the right way and the guests we invite seem to get along with eachother in a manner that we find interesting as well.. they all come from very different backgrounds and they are all in different ages but sometimes the ‘chatter’ is breaking the soundbarrier 🙂

So what was for dinner?

  • Starter: Toast Skagen (a mix of shrimp, roe, mayonnaise, dill that was served on rye) accompanied by a austrian riesling.
  • EntrĂ©e: Whiskymarinated Slow Cooked Elk Steak with Almond potato with parmesan in puff pastry. Whiskysauce and Pickled Chanterelles as sides. Paired with a red wine from Mallorca called AN/2.
  • Dessert: Chocolatelined almond baskets filled with homemade coffee-icecream and blackberry compote. A Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest from South Africa to go with that.

Afterwards we open the guests wines and enjoy them with, in this case, a boatload of swedish cheeses and my wifes special jam (fig and raspberry with licorice).

I was, understandably, afraid that I’d be sad when I got on the scales this morning but no. Well, it could’ve gone better but it was still better than expected. 

Status: 98,3 kilos (216,3 LBS) and -77 cm (-29,8 IN) – heading for #90kilos 

So.. 0.4 kilos down and lost another cm which after saturday is good in my not so humble opinion! 🙂 This coming saturday we’re doing a glutenfree cheatdinner and for latenight snack some cheese doodles only. It will be interesting to see if staying glutenfree over the weekend as well will give some extended results. Hopefully – you can read all about next monday 🙂

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