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In order to succeed, you must first be willing to fail

I’ve failed plenty of times. So I’m not afraid of it. Failure makes success taste soooo much sweeter. 

Nope, I haven’t failed this week. Not even close. But I’m setting you up for the next week – which probably will be a failure in some sense – the planned version. 

Easter is coming up. We will be visiting my parents on friday, trying to maintain slowcarb. We will be eating some cheese on saturday and going a 21 hour #cheatday on sunday -> monday. So if I lose weight ‘til next weigh-in I’m going to be amazed – I’ll certainly try, in some ways, to contain myself and do a lot of excercise to minimize the effects but still… It’s a planned venture so I don’t have to feel down if I should stand still or gain over the weekend. 

Oh.. and weigh-in is going to be tuesday since it’s the last day before the dietbet starts. Both me and my wife have decided to be a little worse than usual during the dietbet, since we don’t want to lose our money 🙂 The plan is:

Mon – Fri: #slowcarb + no alcohol
Sat: #slowcarb breakfast + lunch – #cheatmeal dinner and something afterwards + wine
Sun: Fasting until dinner which will be #slowcarb + no alcohol

This should keeps us dropping weight quickly during the four weeks of the dietbet. The above is in part why we’ve planned to be a bit loose in regards to the rules for the weekend.

So what have we done since I last spoke to you? We spent this passed #cheatday visiting a new ‘gastropub’ in Stockholm called The Flying Elk – where we enjoyed a excellent Bordeaux from 1996 together with a elktartar and a clubsteak with trimmings. It was a meat-lovers extravaganza. We then went to Eriks Vinbar and had some more wine of the extravagant versions. (the sommelier named Mattias, nice name, took a challenge to heart which rendered a tab that was a bit more than we usually spend there – but it was a great evening).

So? What happend with the diet?

Status: 96,8 kg (213 lb) and -79 cm (-30,8 in) heading to #90kg

So, down 0.9 kilos (almost 1.9 lb) and 0.5 cm 

Next weeks weigh-in, as stated, with potential gain rather than loss is tuesday. Talk to you then 🙂

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