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You can’t cross a sea merely by standing and staring at the water. — Rabindranath Tagore

Hope your week started as good as mine. Last week I decided that getting on the scale to often is detrimental to weightloss – how? well.. if you don’t see any change you get depressed and when you get depressed you want to comfort yourself with stuff that is not bad for you but in larger quantities are worse than other things you could eat. So I’ve scaled, pun intended, back to only getting on it once a week and that would be today.

Thus I will not be saddened about what I weighed pre-cheatday since I don’t know what it was – and that is a good thing.


Cheatday? Have to give thanks to my wonderful wife who took me out to dinner at att restaurant in Stockholms Old Town-area called @19glas (19 glasses) – the owner is depicted here on the left @peterbennyson – they only serve a pre-determined menu every day so dinner consisted of Deepfried Rabbit with Aioli, Sallad on raddichio, blood orange and some oliveoil, braised shortribs and then a chocolate pot de creme. With excellent wines partnered with the dishes of course… 

We then continued ‘home’ which in this case is @EriksVinbar (Eriks Winebar) where we had some nice cheeses and a couple of glasses of wine – good ones at that 🙂

Status: 97,9 kilos (215.4 LBS) and -74 cm (-28,7 IN) heading to #90kilos

So.. lost another 1.1 kilos this week – could be the fact that I’ve started to use a full PAGG-stack – we’ll see if it continues during this week. Thats a total loss of 20,8 kilos since we started in may 2012.

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