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There is nothing permanent except change.

Although it would seem that I’m permanently bouncing between 2 kilos of weight right now. The upside is that the centimeters/inches are moving to lower numbers at least.


This coming week, ie. next reportday will be silent. I’m guessing that my weight will have increased substantially by then. This weekend is my birthday and we’ll be taking a 40 hour long cruise to Helsinki, with this little boat (Silja Serenade) and back and all the while we’re having #cheatday (a seriously long one) and as such I KNOW that I’ll be gaining weight but hopefully, fingers crossed, I will be down to where I used to be by the week after.

Old Status: -19,7kilos (-43,3 LBS) and -70 centimeters (-27,1 IN)
New Status: 99 kilos, 9 kilos to go, heading for #90kilos

So basically I’ve been hovering between 98 & 99 for two weeks. Lost about 3 centimeters meanwhile. But, I have been “slacking off” and saying this much “non-slow-carb-ingridient” won’t do much difference and it would, in my humble opinion, seem that it does do a lot of difference. 

I’m excercising on a semi-daily basis using my kettlebells and that seem do something for my posture at least – although I’ve not lost much weight. But as I said, I know why and this week – until the cheatday extravaganza starts on saturday afternoon and runs along until sunday night – I’m going to be stringent as **** and not step outside the box at all. The two glasses of wine that are allowed have been scrapped until friday! 🙂

Wish me luck.

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