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No report

As I said last week – this week we’ll have no report on progress on weightloss since it’s a lot more likely that I’ve gained weight. A 48 hour #cheatday will do that to you. So now, and until next monday we’re in #slowcarb-mode with a slowcarb #cheatday-dinner, followed with some cheese on saturday. But otherwise we’ll keep it fully slowcarb this week to get back on the waggon after the passed weekend.

I’m not sad or upset that I’ve done this – since we planned it and knew that it would happen. It was an epic cruise with excellent food and even better wine – just the fact that I voluntarily ate snails says it all 🙂

Best wine this weekend? El Nido. Too bad it’s 100 euros a bottle in the duty free 😛

So… see you next monday, at latest, for a new report on how the weightloss is going – hopefully it’ll be lower than last monday…

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