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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. — Leo Tolstoy

Last week was a “no-report” week and this week isn’t.

Based on the numbers that I see this week I would’ve preferred it to be a no-report week but I shouldn’t be to bummed by it.

imageThis weeks #cheatday meal was slowcarb. You see pasta to the left? Well.. yes, it is.. but it was made from soybeans and totally wheatfree – not the cheapest pasta I’ve ever bought but it could fool just about anyone with the ‘taste’ of pasta.

Apart from that we didn’t cheat much, except for wine & some cheese. 

I think I made the right decision in not weighing in last week after our epic cheatweekend. Since this week it would seem, weight-wise, that I’ve been standing still.

I’ve had a week off from my supplements as well – it would seem that I get a rash from Alpha Lipoic Acid (a known, uncommon, sideeffect) but it took me about 6 months to develop it so I figured I’d just do without it for a week or so – we ordered a full “PAGG”-stack from the US that should be arriving today. Starting it tomorrow then… 

Status: 99 kg (217,8 LBS) -72 cm (-28,1 IN) – heading to #90kilos

Weight at a standstill but I’ve lost another 2 centimeters in total. All change is good change!


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