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Success is the sum of small efforts…

… repeated day in and day out.

I don’t know if I feel good about this week or not. I’ve been overdoing the workouts a bit so I got sore and now I’ll go back to three times a week 🙂

<— This weeks “super-indulgence” cheeze-doodles in a new version. 

Otherwise cheatday was good with home-made schnitzel and mashed potatoes. 

Old Status: -20,4 kilo (-44,9 LBS) -67 cm (-25,9 IN)
New Status: 98,3 kilos, -1 kilos since last week, heading for 90kg! 

Now if I could get my Withings scale to use monday as new week instead of saturday or wherever it is measuring – but withings support isn’t quick on answering how I do that. Today it claims that I’ve gained .4 kilos this week but I’m at “0” since pre-cheatday measurement is a bad thing to use 🙂

The centimeters/inches are bouncing a bit up and down, most likely due to working out. So, based on that fact I’d not be surprised if I actually, in some parts, gain some the coming weeks since my muscles will, hopefully, start replacing some fat.

Wish me luck,


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