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Lost and found..

I wrote a long post and managed to screw it up and lost the whole post.. *grmbl* and since I’m a bit too busy to repeat myself fully here’s the shortversion:

* Gained a few over the holidays which I thought I would, but I also hit “all time” low in the passed 20 years. Heading there again.

* Bought a Kettlebell and have been overdoing it a bit but wth, it’s there, might as well use it.

* Next ‘extended’ cheatday will be in a months time when me and my wife go to Helsinki for my birthday and spend 40 hrs on a bigass cruiseship.. but I’ll try not to overdo it.

* Next full measurement and weigh-in will be on monday when I hope to be over the next milestone. A milestone I have the aim to never go over again.

Status: -17,7 kilos (-38,9 LBS) – post-holidays and post-fatso-cheatday 🙂

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