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Discipline is remembering what you want.

I want to reach my goal so that’s what I will do, eventually.

So.. a full report once again. This is after all the holidays where I’ve been bouncing around like a yo-yo. Up and down, up and down… But nevertheless it’s heading in the right way, down… 

This weeks best indulgence was this bottle of wine. Not cheap but we split it with some twitter-aquaintances and it was good.

Status: -19,4 kilos (-42,7 LBS) and -67 cm (-25,9 IN)

This puts me below one of my goals on a permanent basis and this means that my reports will change somewhat from now on. I’ve promised myself to start reporting what’s left rather than how far I’ve come. So from now on you’ll get this instead:

Status: 99,3 kilos (218,5 LBS) and -67 cm (-25,9 IN) – goal = 90 kilos. 9,3 kilos to go.. 

There will also be a post, this week, that gives you my background – where my start was (my “all time high” and a “before” picture) and so on. 

The cheatday this week actually managed to add just above a kilo back but that’s ok, that’s what cheatdays are for 🙂

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