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On Display – now when I’ve reached one of my goals.

I’m not comfortable showing off my face/body on photos but but here goes a wee bit at least 🙂 Why? Because I promised that I would tell you when I reached a goal…

When I started my 4 hour body diet I promised that when I hit my secondary goal – which was to get under a 100 kilos – I’d tell you the story of where I started losing weight and so on. As Tim would say – My Harajuku Moment.

The day has come. I’m officially under a 100 kilos and here goes.

Please note that this is not all due to 4 hour body, although, it is by far the diet that’s been easiest to follow. I’ll tell you when and where I started 4HB a bit further down.

My start day was May 1st 2005. (the image on ”before” is in february 2005 and I actually gained a few between then and the start day – also trying to hide my double chin – like it would make a difference).  

Starting weight: 132 kilos (290 LBS).

That was my ”top” weight, and of course, a low point in self-esteem.

I got on the now discontinued, due to health reasons, diet pill called Reductil, together with smaller portions (i.e. if you cook according to recipe for 4 persons you can’t eat half of the cooked food and lose weight). At the same time I tried to quit smoking, which was another bad habit. Suffice to say my wife told me ”choose your battles” since I was not easy to live with on a diet and trying to quit smoking at the same time. So I chose to get myself down to below a 100 kilos before I quit smoking.

I did.. About a year later I ”dinged” 99,9 kilos and went to my doctor and asked for help to quit smoking. He put me on something called Zyban and two weeks later I was smoke free (although battling with some things for a few months – like wanting to light a cigarette every time the phone rang and so on). 

Unfortunately. I replaced nicotine with candy and junkfood. So during a few years I went from the 99,9 to close to 119 kilos again.

In may 2012 my sister (thanks sis!) gave me a tip to check out 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss and the diet he had worked out. I read what I could find on the internet and then bought the book.

May 31st 2012 both me and my wife embarked on the 4 hour body lifestyle (with a break for vacation). I started at 118,7 kilos (261.1 LBS) and have until now gone down to 99,3 kilos (218,5 LBS). About a week after starting this journey the craving for sugar was more or less gone – no interest in candy anymore, apart from a piece of high-quality chocolate from time to time.

My primary goal is 90 kilos (198 LBS) BUT(!) I’ve already made it clear to myself that I can continue eating according to this diet for quite some time – if not indefinite – so.. after 90 kilos I’m going to make a run for my ”ideal” weight which would be, according to sources, below 86 kilo (189,2 LBS).  It isn’t that far in between so why not try it, eh?

There you go.. the full monty so to speak.. Now, onwards towards 90 kilos. 9,3 kilos to go… 

Wish me luck.

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