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Your past does not equal, nor does it dictate, your future.

imageLast weeks weigh-in was a disaster. I do know why it was a disaster so it was ‘easily’ corrected. Lay off some bad stuff and do some good shit. 

Do some good shit? Well.. I actually only managed one visit to the gym but the other two days I was aiming to go there I, at least, did some #cheat-day excercising – and this passed #cheatday was excercise-intensive. So much in fact that I actually feel a bit sore in certain muscles.

Heading to the gym this evening for a quick kettlebell and myotatic crunch-session.

Status: -17,3 kilos (-38,1 LBS) and -58 cm (-22,6 IN)

This means that I’ve actually GAINED a few centimeters – I’m guessing doing excercises can do that for you, specifically those muscles that I’ve been doing those with seem to have expanded – but I don’t view that as a bad thing.

In regards to the weight I’ve only lost 0.6 kilos in 2 weeks since last week was a no-show for numbers. Heading for double-digits by monday since this week actually is “slow” – the only things we’ve got planned is a dinner att mom & dads for saturday but that will be sans alcohol for me since I’m driving. So basically I should be able to have doubledigit (in kilos) by monday – that’s my goal for this week.

Image? Swedish Glögg, or Glühwein, or Mulled Wine – one of our things that we had this passed cheatday. 

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