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I’m bad at updating…

… right now. 

The passed week has consisted of the flu, with a lot of coughdrops and the like with sweeteners, followed by a rush delivery at work. So I haven’t had the time to report. So here goes the short version, right before this fridays (!) cheatday. These are the figures from monday.

Status: -17,4 kg (-38,3 LBS) and -62 cm (-24,2 IN)

A mesely 100 grams lost, most likely due to the fact that I’ve lost centimeters instead. 4 of them.. Which seems to be normal for me. I mean that it would seem that when I lose in centimeters I stand still in weight and vice versa.

Went to the doctor monday and she was happy about my weightloss – since it was her first bloodwork on me we can’t decide wether or not to be happy or sad about my cholesterol-level but hopefully, by next time, we’ll be more happy. Otherwise everything looked good.

If I’ve lost something by monday, after tomorrows epic christmas celebration with work I’m going to be happy. We’ll see won’t we. But after tomorrow it’s christmas eve that’s the next cheatday and new years eve after that. New Years Eve and New Years Day will be a ‘cheatday starts at 18.00 and ends 18.00 the next day’-cheatday.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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