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If you didn’t need a pill to get fat…

… why would you need one to get thin? 

imageThis week has actually been a quite good week. I had my #cheatday on friday, instead of saturday, since we had christmas dinner (buffet) with the office. At Carlshälls Gård – one of the best christmas buffets I’ve eaten, it was the 2nd year in a row in the same place. Since buffets normally are shunned by me because I have a tendency to over-eat when something taste good I was a bit worried about my weight this week.

Fortunately I was wrong. I didn’t eat too much even though I could’ve so I’m happy.

Status: -18,6 kilos (-40,9 LBS) and -63 centimeter (-24,4 IN)

That’s a whopping 1,2 kilos lost but only 1 centimeter (actually gained a few here and there but that’s to be expected because of the indulgence in sweets and stuff on friday.

Like I said last time, next #cheatday is christmas eve, yes we celebrate christmas on christmas eve over here in Sweden 🙂 So my goal to be sub-100 kilos by christmas should be reachable – then I might bounce up again but that’s to be expected. Although my christmas-cheatday might not be as #cheaty as I think my new years eve #cheaty will be 🙂

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