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You’re never beaten until you admit it.

imageYep! You got it. This week is a ‘bad’ week since we had our little get-together at home on saturday (#cheatday). It was a success. Four courses that wasn’t, at all, slow carbish (well.. the ‘secondi piatti’ was actually) but the rest wasn’t – pair that with a beer or two and some sandwiches earlier in the day… gives you…

Status: -16,7 kilos (-36,7 LBS) and -59 centimeter (-22,8 IN). 

Yep again. Standstill on the weight from last week. In the rearview mirror with the #cheatday being as it was I’m not upset. Especially since I know where I was pre-cheatday. I know what’s going to happen this week as soon as I start shedding the #cheatday excess. So I’m still in it for the long run and, fingers crossed, come next week I’ll be celebrating (with moderation) that I’ll have reached a long-awaited goal. Not the final goal, but still a goal. That statuses will change character after I’ve reached that goal. We’ll go from counting lost to counting how far it’s left to my primary goal! 🙂 

The cake? Our dessert 🙂 It was yummy to say the least – we have two weeks worth of cheatday dessert in the freezer as well!

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