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Rule your mind or it will rule you

PokerAnd this week I rules both my mind and my body 🙂

This weeks image has to do with the fact that on my cheatday was also a pokerday. No, not any highroller stuff but, still, a 57 man low buy-in tournament from which I emerged victorious! 

#Cheatday consisted of some beer, some wine, a peppersteak with whiskeysauce and fries, and candy to celebrate the win.

Status: -16,7 kilo (-36,7 LBS) and -57 centimeter (-22,2 IN).

Compared to last week. That’s -1,9 kilos (!) during the week and, of course, when you lose that much weight you have to lose a few centimeters as well. -3 (my biceps have expanded – probably due to a little overdoing it on “damage control” but I don’t mind since my chest has lost the most.

This, coming, week will be busy. A lot of stuff to do both at work and at home. This coming #cheatday will be a bit more #cheaty than usual. We’re having a full house of people on saturday where we make a four course, italian, dinner and ending it all with cheese and, more, wine.. 

Then again, making all that food and preparing for this party will consume a lot of calories as well 🙂

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