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If at first you don’t succeed – try, try again

This is a lousy week. I know why it’s a lousy week but nevertheless I’m annoyed. Not with the diet, it works, but this week I didn’t.

1. I started cheating friday night (ie. too early) and also made my stomache feel bad already then and there.
2. My moms gingerbread cookies are addictive (ie. too many of those on saturday).
3. Pasta with gorgonzola & pancetta for lunch (ie. too much lunch).
4. Chocolate cake. (ie. sweet-tooth anyone?)
5. Pizza for dinner.
6. Visit a winebar and see others eat delicious cheese (ie. we ordered that as well).

Suffice to say, I was not sleeping well after this #cheatday. My stomache was almost killing me. It was a good #cheatday, because it was cheatday.. but it wasn’t good on the scale this morning – I gained a lot over the weekend. I’m guessing/hoping that it will drop quickly, as usual, this week but you never know. 

So, this week will be “clean living week” until saturday when we’ve scheduled a traditional swedish “julbord” (christmas buffét). But that’s the only #cheat during that #cheatday – a very big #cheatmeal to say the least but that’s the only #cheating I’ll do this weekend. That is, unless someone whom I’ve been waiting for, calls me and tell me I have to work. Then the ‘julbord’ is dead in the water. And I wouldn’t mind if they’d call and told me that… 🙂

Status: Too bad to display.. I’ll let you know when I’m back on track again (ie. next week hopefully).

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