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Choosing a goal and sticking to it…

… changes everything.

I suppose that I should be happy this week. I’ve lost both weight and centimeters/inches. But for some reason I’m still not satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a good week but bad two weeks. That’s why I’m not satisfied. 

#Cheatday this week consisted more or less only of a cheatmeal and it was sufficient since we didn’t have any cravings other than a carb-rich meal and… some cheese 🙂

Beef, artichokepurée and mushroomsauce. Yummy. Dessert was a swedish special cheese called “Västerbotten” which is a aged, tasty, cheese with some baguette.

Status: -14,8 kilos (-32,6 LBS) and -54 centimeter (-21,1 IN).

So.. lost 0.8 kilos and a whopping 3 centimeters. So, yes, I should be happy I guess. But I want more! (And that feeling is a good feeling since I’m “far” from my goal!)

Bad week coming this week! Becoming a “grass widower” tuesday to thursday. Which means that I’ll have a boring week in terms of dinner (I hate cooking for myself). But otherwise it’s going to be a “standard” week with a #cheatmeal on saturday. 

But hopefully I can cheer myself up with a the arrival of my #iphone5 (supposed to arrive early this week)

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