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You know you’ve had an epic…

… #cheatday when you feel like you don’t want to weigh and measure yourself.

But (!) it was a planned indulgence. An indulgence that had been planned for two months so I don’t feel bad about not losing weight this week.

We went on a long-planned wine&dine-cruise to Finland this weekend and we indulged in both wine and food under longer than the normal #cheatday. Yes, we have to pay the price – or at least I do.

Status: -11,8 kilo (26 LBS) and -49 cm (-18,9 IN).

That’s a whopping 1,4 kilo gain during this passed week. Yep, but now we’re going back to normal. In effect, this week it’ll be a #cheatmeal rather than a full #cheatday and hopefully this gain will have been lost by next week again.

So, now – back on the wagon! 🙂

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