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The only way to see a movie is in a big theater, on a big screen…

…with a big bag of popcorn. 

And I’m guessing that big bag of popcorn, together with sodas, beers and wine makes this weeks weigh-in a bit of a disaster. It’s not up, but it’s not down either.

Since #pre-cheat-day was a four hour body all time low I know that it’s the cheatday that is messing things up and I think all the salt in the popcorn bag together with a lot of fluids are making me retain some water. So I think I’ll drop quickly this week.

But nevertheless, the status is:

-14 kilos (-30,8 LBS) and -51 centimeters (-19,7 IN).

So weight = nothing, and centimeters lost one. So it’s a bit of bummer, but I know why and I know this week will be a lot better. 

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