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Motivation is what gets you started…

… Habit is what keeps you going (Jim Rohn)

Another week on the 4 hour body diet has passed. The quote that starts this post is telling I think. Me and my wife was motivated to lose weight and get more fit. That’s what got us started (for the nth time) back in may. This is, by far, the most habitual way of eating we’ve tried and succeeded to stay on. 

The passed week was, suffice to say, hectic but we kept going. Cheatday was aiming to be epic and it was, in ways, although I managed to cut down on the planned food.

I had cravings for a burger but skipped it, happy with that. Dinner consisted of scallops with smoked salmon on a sallad of mango, cilantro and sesamevinaigrette, followed by Bouef Bourguignon with mashed potatoes and “dessert” was three different french cheeses and some baguette & crackers. 

Tasty! I’m a good cook 😛

Status: -13,2 kilos (-29 LBS), -47 centimeter (-18,1 IN)

In short 0,9 kilos down and 3 centimeters lost in the last week and that’s is to me great. I mean, if I can continue losing about a kilo a week I’m happy. I know it will slow down eventually so I’m not going to count on that continuing 🙂

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