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Goals, are dreams with a deadline

This saturday morning, pre-cheat day, I had reached one of my goals. That I was not being “obese” according to the very wrong measuring-system called #BMI.

I knew from the get-go that this wouldn’t be the case come monday since it was a pre-cheatday weight. But it also means that I’ll hit that number any day again.

#cheatday was filled with pasta and cheese. Suffice to say, the gluten-inflammation was extensive late saturday night. For those who haven’t tried being without flour – try it, and then eat something with flour and you’ll notice it, the inflammation, a lot more than if you don’t.

Status: -14 kg (-30,8 LBS) and -50 centimeter (-19,5 IN).

So.. the passed week I’ve lost 2,2 kilos. But(!) remember that last week it was a gain rather than a loss since we had a #cheat-weekend rather than a #cheat-day 🙂 I’m quite OK with the result. I’m aiming to be steady below the #BMI obese-line by next week.

Wish me luck! 🙂

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