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Strained, but still losing weight

No workout done this week. I managed to strain a muscle and it’s been hurting like ****, but it’s getting better – so today I’m aiming to hit the gym again. We’re going to a radiogala on thursday and because of that we had our cheatday this passed week on friday instead of saturday. This week I had a cheatday that was a bit much – I felt almost sick afterwards. Went to Texas Longhorn for lunch (depicted) and made a home-made pizza for dinner (yummy) and ended it with a pastry from @tossemattias that was even better.

Status then? -11,7 kilos (-25,7 LBS) -40 centimeter (-15,6 IN)

So a “mere” 0.8 kilos this week – still happy since I couldn’t hit the gym as intended. This week cheatday on thursday as mentioned, after that it’ll be more or less 1&1/2 weeks until the next one. I’m also happy to report that I’m closing in on another milestone. That milestone being that I will be leaving the obese and becoming overweight according to the very erroneous calculation called body mass index (BMI). Not there yet, but not far now 🙂

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