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Not so strained anymore…

… so from today I’m going back to the gym. 

The passed week was a bit weird since cheatday ended up on thursday. It was a regular cheatday though. The worst thing about it was that most of the food wasn’t decided by either me or my wife. I’ll depict the one thing I decided on myself – right here next to the post 🙂

Saturday we where out computershopping for my wife and after that was done we where ‘crashing’ and ended up buying a hotdog for ‘lunch’. Baadd.. yes, we know. Fortunately it didn’t seem to affect, at least me, much.

This week will be a normal week with a cheatday on saturday where I’m going to be cooking a birthday-dinner for my lovely wife. What? For starter I’m doing scallops with smoked salmon and a sesame-vinaigrette. Main course.. Bouef Bourguignon and then we finish it off with some nice cheese.

Still losing – albeit slower which is to be expected. I can’t lose a kilo per week forever 🙂

Status: -12,3 kilos (-27,1 LBS) and -44 centimeters (-17 IN)

So.. 0,6 kilos lost and 4(!) centimeters. So what Tim Ferriss says is true. Keep measuring, a lot, since if you don’t lose much weight you can lose a lot of other things. In this case my 4 centimeters are more encouraging that the weightloss. Although, this weeks centimeters was mostly on the thighs and biceps – which can be related to ‘no excercise’. 

But onwards, and downwards (hopefully)

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